MyNetDiary how-to videos can help you become a tracking pro in no time!

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Sue Heikkinen
Sue Heikkinen, MS, RDN, CDCES, BC-ADM, ACE-PT - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Whether you are new to tracking with MyNetDiary or are an experienced user, check out these helpful videos to get the most out of our powerful tracker.

MyNetDiary how-to videos

Watch these informative videos to learn new tracking skills today

Although MyNetDiary can be simple, intuitive, and easy to use from the start, there is always more to learn.

These engaging videos are like having a knowledgeable instructor at your fingertips. Find the videos under "Coach" on the app, or on YouTube, or Vimeo. Invest a few minutes of your time to watch one or more videos for huge payoffs in tracking efficiency.

Here are the videos to watch:

Getting started with MyNetDiary

If you are new to MyNetDiary, start here to get your bearings and discover how MyNetDiary can support your weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey.

You will learn: How to navigate the app tabs: Dashboard, Coach, Social, and Me. This video provides an overview of Daily Analysis, Premium Diets, Recipes, Learning, MyPlan, Community Forum, and syncing with fitness trackers. (3:37)

Searching Foods

You will learn: Effective food search and logging tips and how to search using Favorites, Staples, Meals, Recipes, and Recent tabs so you can find and log foods in a flash. (1:50)

Creating a MyNetDiary account

You will learn: How to create an account so you can access your information across multiple devices and prevent data loss. Note: MyNetDiary does not require that you create an account. (1:57)

Mastering Food Entry

You will learn: Different ways to enter portions, portion guide, adding food to Favorites, using Food Grade, Timestamp, Copy & Customize, and Changing Food Entry Settings. (1:48)

Premium Diets

You will learn: How to select from Premium Diet Plans, complete app set-up, and customization, including macros, dashboard display, diet-specific recipes, and information. (2:21 min)

If a Food is Not Found

You will learn: What to do if you don't immediately find your desired food item. Learn how to narrow down options, use different words, select from Staple Foods, add or import a recipe, create custom foods, scan a food's barcode, and log Quick Calories. (2:32 min)

Advanced Food Logging

You will learn: Pro tips for the different ways you can enter foods, and how to customize your search tabs, search for and enter multiple foods at once, and group copy or edit foods. (1:32)

Creating Custom Trackers

You will learn: How to create custom trackers for sleep, hunger levels, blood sugar, or anything else important to your health goals. (2:09)

Data Sync Troubleshooting

You will learn: Troubleshooting steps if your data does not sync between devices. Learn how to switch accounts and merge accounts. (1:59)

Dashboard Pull-Down Statistics

You will learn: An easy way to view your progress by revealing calories in excess or below your weekly budget. (1:33 min)

MyPlan Screen

You will learn: How to use the MyPlan screen to manage all the details of your weight loss journey, including target weight, calorie budget. Learn how to edit, enable Autopilot, edit Macronutrient DIstribution, Nutrient Target Screen, Exercise Plan, and use Fresh Start tool. (1:22)

Customizing Dashboard

You will learn: How to choose from pre-configured options or fully customize your dashboard to harness the flexibility of the app. (1:47)

Recipe Editor

You will learn: How to create a Recipe from scratch, adjust serving options, insert recipe weight, and edit recipes to make for easy and accurate future logging. (2:57)

Tracking Nutrients

You will learn: How to select the nutrients you want to track on your dashboard, plus how to set and edit nutrients targets. (1:11)

Sharing Data with Another Person

You will learn: How to connect with other users, including friends or your healthcare professional, and how to select the data you want to share. (1:42)

We hope you find these videos helpful. Remember, if you need additional assistance, please outreach our fantastic support team at Happy tracking!

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