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Joanna Kriehn
Joanna Kriehn, MS, RDN, CDCES - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)

Do you plan out your meals and build an easy shopping list before heading to the market? Or do you scribble one out, only to forget the list at home? MyNetDiary's new easy-to-use shopping list feature prevents this from happening by keeping your list on your smartphone.

Here's what you need to know to get the most out of this exciting new feature!

Easy shopping list

MyNetDiary's new feature makes it easy to build a shopping list

This feature is currently available on the MyNetDiary iPhone and iPad apps. Android app coming soon!

On the iPhone, from the app go to the Me tab, then tap Shopping List (see below).

On iPad, the Shopping List is available in the left-side menu.

We made it super easy to add items to the shopping list

While tracking your breakfast, tap the circle with three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to add its foods to the shopping list, then tap "Add to Shopping List." You'll be asked, "Would you like to add just this breakfast or all planned meals?" Select "This Breakfast" and remove the checkmarks next to the foods you do not need on your list (see below).

For best success, plan your meals first, then the list

If your goal is weight loss, you know how important it is to meal plan. Knowing what you will eat before hunger sets in helps you stay within your calorie budget.

The shopping list feature adds real convenience if you've mapped out what you will eat ahead of time. You can add planned foods from your food log using the three dots menu button and tapping "Add to Shopping List", then selecting "All Planned Meals." Or, tap the menu button on the Shopping List screen, then tap Add Planned Meals. The app will build your list.

Don't worry if you don't plan ahead so much; add and edit items directly in the list whenever you think about it.

The screenshot below shows the full Shopping List screen menu, with "Add Planned Meals" item and other tools.

Easily import ingredients from recipes to the shopping list

It doesn't matter if you use an imported recipe from the web or one of the dietitian-approved recipes from our Premium recipe collection. Either way, MyNetDiary's new shopping list makes creating one effortless.

Once you've tracked a recipe on your dashboard and tapped Add Planned Meals, all the ingredients appear on your shopping list, ready for review and scaled for servings you want!

Or, you can add recipes directly on the Shopping List screen, with the "+" button and select the number of servings you want to cook.

Adjust categories

Behind-the-scenes, the shopping list intuitively organizes foods and other items into categories. You can move items between categories. For instance, if you prefer a brand of frozen bread, move it to frozen foods instead of the default bakery category. Rearrange categories according to your grocery's layout, too.

Adjust portions

If you shop for your entire household, it is easy to adjust portions of particular items to purchase when generating your shopping list from a meal or for a date range (see below).


Of course, you can further tweak and edit your shopping list on the Shopping List screen - adjust amounts, add and remove items, add notes, and more.

Share your shopping list

Easily share your shopping list with others using the Share button at the bottom of the Shopping List screen. You'll be able to use:

Use Siri to add things to your shopping list

Siri makes it easy to add items to your shopping list when you Enable Siri for the MyNetDiary app. Access the shopping list by simply saying to Siri, "Add (your items) to my shopping list in MyNetDiary."

Got the non-food items covered, too!

Even dog food, toilet paper, and other non-food/household items have a place in MyNetDiary's shopping list. Add any non-food items to an already existing category or create a new category that makes sense to you.

Tips for using the easy shopping list feature while at the market

Scan barcodes to compare foods within the Shopping List feature

MyNetDiary's Grocery Check button is accessible inside the shopping list feature. Look for the magnifying glass with a check mark inside it (lower right-hand corner of your screen). Move your phone's camera over the product's barcode to receive a food grade for each product or continue scrolling for Nutrition Facts.

Check-off items from your watch

Suppose you are in a hurry; simply check-off items from your smartwatch instead of going into the app's shopping list. This convenient feature means less fumbling with your phone in a crowded market.

Show crossed-off items

Double-check to make sure you didn't forget anything by Unhiding Crossed-Off Items.

What if the ingredients in your recipes require shopping at multiple stores?

The shopping list feature works well, even if you must shop at multiple stores. By putting all of your items onto one list, you eliminate the hassle of various lists. Make your first stop, cross off items as they are purchased, leaving the other items on the list until your next store stop.

Hope this new feature makes your next trip to the market more organized and more enjoyable!

Use Help screen in the app

For more detailed guide and tips on using the Shopping List, please use the Help button at the bottom of the Shopping List screen.


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