24 August 10 Study Shows the More You Log, the More You Lose and the Longer it Stays Off

A new study out from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research followed 348 people using an internet-based food diary to help them lose weight. Participants were encouraged to log in at least once a week and record their weight, minutes of exercise and number of days they kept a food diary.

The website also offered an interactive community room where participants could talk to one another and ask questions to a nutritionist and exercise experts.

So what were the results? The study found that after two years 65 percent of the participants were still logging on to the website, and those who had the highest frequency of logging activity and recorded their weight at least once a month kept their weight off, as opposed to those who didn’t use the website.

As advice, the study investigators suggested using an online food diary that contained the following elements:

  • a site that encourages users to routinely record weight, exercise, and calories consumed
  • a site that includes tailored and personalized information
  • a site with an interactive community, allowing users to communicate with each other and nutrition and exercise experts
  • a site with accurate health information

To us, it sounds like MyNetDiary fits the bill pretty well!

How often do you log - every week, every day or after every meal via a MyNetDiary smart phone app?

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