30 April 2014 What's Your Strategy?

Healthy living requires self-discipline, awareness and planning. A strategy is defined as “a method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or a solution to a problem” (1). Let's face it, in our modern society filled with conveniences, temptations and luxuries, strategies are the answer to keeping us on track to meet our personal health goals.

A short-term plan might include following the latest fad diet that hands you strategies such as eating only certain foods according to a defined meal schedule. Someone has already planned it out for you and given you the methods. But, what happens when that plan, created by someone, else does not fit into your lifestyle? You might feel burdened running all over town to find the recommended foods or you might feel as if you are choking down the prescribed foods. So, you gradually find yourself moving away from the plan.

Yes, life is a journey. And since your personal strategies may need to change over time, make your healthy lifestyle strategies work for you. Take the time to step off the rollercoaster of life and develop some simple, personalized strategies. Before you know it, with time, you might have a lot of simple methods in place that keep you focused on your health goals.

Keep it simple and reasonable so it sticks. Examples of strategies may include the following:

  • Keep a pair of sneakers in the office so you can go for a quick walk at lunch or break.
  • Suggest a walking meeting with a co-worker.
  • Keep a set of hand weights in the office to do arm exercises while on speaker phone or using a headset.
  • Portion out snacks at home to take to the office.
  • When traveling, pack healthy snacks so you are not tempted to buy expensive, over-sized snacks at the airport.
  • Fill a large water bottle before starting work and refill it at lunch.
  • Keep a running grocery list on the kitchen counter to make sure you stay stocked with healthy foods.

We can all learn from each other. Share a strategy that works for you. It might just work for others.

Brenda Braslow, MS, RD, CDE

Brenda is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator in Denver,

Colorado who specializes in diabetes prevention and health enhancement.

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