15 December 11 The ‘Skinny' on Protein Powders

On Tuesday we posted an article on meal replacements and how they can be used to lose weight. Another recent study we found looked specifically at protein powders, so we thought we would share some of the highlights of this study since many people have questions about them. We are not suggesting that protein powders should be used on a regular basis, but this information is interesting if you are considering either a supplemental whey protein, soy protein or an isoenergetic amount of carbohydrate (CHO).

In a study published by the Journal of Nutrition, a team of researchers asked 90 overweight and obese subjects to consume either a whey protein, soy protein or CHO twice a day for 23 weeks. No other dieting restrictions or advice were given to the participants, yet they all did 24-hour food recalls every 10 days during the study.

After 23 weeks, researchers found that between the whey protein and soy protein groups, and between the soy protein and CHO groups, there were no differences in body weight or composition. However, between the whey protein group and the CHO group, those taking whey protein had five fewer pounds of fat than the CHO group. And none of the groups saw a loss in lean body mass. Additionally, those on the whey protein had a smaller waist circumference than both other groups at the end of the study. And all drinks contained the same amount calories: 200.

Is was not clear to the researchers or through the study why whey protein affected the participants differently, but it was clear that the whey protein group lost more body fat and shrunk their waist size. What the researchers did say was, "Through yet-unknown mechanisms, different sources of dietary protein may differentially facilitate weight loss and affect body composition."

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