22 March 12 Time to Stop ‘Treating’ Yourself?

As Easter nears, yet another food-laden holiday, perhaps it’s time to stop and give thought to how we “treat” or “reward” ourselves with food. Think back on all those suckers we got at the doctor’s office, the big birthday cake that comes each year, or the ice cream cone we got after a game or recital.

Some studies have shown that the pattern of “food as reward” is more prevalent in obese and overweight individuals, so perhaps it’s time we do something about it. But how?

One thing we can all do is practice control. Too often we’re unsuccessful if we try to quit things “cold turkey,” and we end up overindulging because we’ve been deprived of something. Instead, we can cut down the size and frequency of our rewards. Moreover, you can use your MyNetDiary calorie tracker to budget the size of your reward treat based on your calorie intake that day.

We can also start new habits, so instead of mindlessly hitting up that vending machine at the end of a long work day you make it a habit to walk once around the building before you head to the car. Or instead of looking for that midday dessert after lunch you take up a short physical activity with your co-workers.

But perhaps one of the easiest things to do is to choose new rewards. Instead of a sweet treat, take the money you would have spent on that and save it for something useful - maybe a new yoga or workout DVD, a new pair of sneakers, or a heart-rate monitor. Choose something that will only help you toward your goal, not hinder it.

We can also choose healthier treats. If you can’t let go of ice cream, get a kid-size portion, or one that’s low-fat. Perhaps you open up your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt instead of ordering a commercial (sugar-loaded) fruit smoothie. You have the power to choose better rewards for yourself, which is something you can be thankful for.

Ryan Newhouse

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