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MARLTON, N.J. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 18, 2020—Many years ago the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started requiring detailed nutrition labels on prepared foods’ packaging, and only two years ago most restaurant chains were required to publish calorie counts of their menu items. Still, the number of overweight Americans continues to climb, in spite of published required nutrition and calorie information. Some recent advances in mobile weight-loss apps help users to be more aware of not just our calorie intake, but the nutrition value, as well. The latest update to MyNetDiary seeks to accomplish just that on the public’s favorite device, the smartphone.

Growing diet and healthy lifestyle mobile app, MyNetDiary, launched several additions and advances in its latest release, including Augmented Reality (AR) Grocery Check. The new feature utilizes "food score" methodology, derived from food scores by nutrition experts using information found on the Nutrition Facts panel. As a shopper opens Grocery Check and points the phone's camera to the barcode of a packaged food, the app will instantly show its Food Grade or food score. Scan several products, and using AR, the app will mark each of them with a color-coded mark. Best choices receive green marks, while the worst receive red marks. Point the camera to any mark, and the app will display detailed nutritional information about it.

“AR Grocery Check basically mimics how a nutrition expert would score the healthfulness of a food-based upon its nutrition label,” explains MyNetDiary CEO Sergey Oreshko. “You could pick up several boxes and read the Nutrition Facts panel if you have time. How do you know which nutrients are most important or not? The Grocery Check feature in MyNetDiary takes out the guesswork so quickly and conveniently right at the grocery aisle.”

The equation uses the content of twelve required nutrients listed on the Nutrition Facts panel: total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carb, fiber, sugar, protein, vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. “With the addition of AR Grocery Check to MyNetDiary's mobile apps, comparing products and finding healthier ones is easier than ever,” says Oreshko.

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