4 January 2013 What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

Perhaps you've decided to hire a personal trainer for 2013, but what does a good personal trainer look like? Lean, mean, and carries a bullhorn? Not always. Here's a list of qualifications you should look for in a personal trainer.

Takes it Personal

A good trainer should be asking you what your motivations, goals, past weight loss history are and use that information to help you succeed at the gym.


No, not flexible in the yoga sense, but flexible with your schedule. You are about to commit long-term to a workout routine and that might change over time. Your trainer should be able to alter meeting times and days as the weeks and months progress. They should adjust to you, not vice versa.


This should go without saying, but find out if your trainer certified and in which organization they are certified, as there are many. Ask your trainer why they are affiliated with the organization they chose and see if that style of training is a good fit for you.


Your trainer should have ample experience with clients that have or had the same goals as you. You wouldn't hire a college football coach to help your son play better tee-ball, would you? The same goes for you.


To make your workouts more fun and exciting, you should be able to have your sessions in different places, either in the gym or around town. You might get bored working out on the same bench twice a week. Your trainer should have lots of ideas to mix up your routines.

If you've been thinking about hiring a trainer but are worried about the cost, consider going in on group sessions (either with your friends or with strangers). They are cheaper and can be lots of fun!

Have you had success with a personal trainer?

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