19 August 10 Wonder Why MyNetDiary is So Easy? It’s About Memorizing, Not Shortcutting

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Perhaps the number one comment MyNetDiary receives from its users is that the website and available apps are "Easy to use!" Have you ever wondered how or why we made them this way? It's no mystery, just good technique.

The founders of MyNetDiary were inspired by Alan Cooper's book, About Face, which suggests websites should be super-simplified and "considerate" to their users. In essence, the goal is to minimize the number of keystrokes (or taps on a smartphone) users must employ to get the results they want. For MyNetDiary this does not mean cluttering a website with shortcuts, it means building a "Recents" subsystem, memorizing and tracking your choices in order to speed up food and exercise entry.

The MyNetDiary web site and mobile apps are smart and easy to use because they were given a memory of all your previous food entries and serving amounts. By keeping track of your "recent" foods, and the fact that people often eat the same foods and amounts, MyNetDiary drastically reduces the time you spend searching and logging your favorite meals.

The other technology that MyNetDiary couples with the concept of "Recents" is the "search-as-you-type" functionality for entering foods. This technology often only requires entering the first three letters of words from the food you want and it will instantly pull it from the extensive 200,000+ foods database MyNetDiary maintains. This technology is similar to what Google does with its search engine. A MyNetDiary search tolerates misspellings, plurals and uses popularity rank to provide the best suggestions in real time.

With MyNetDiary, there is no typing in a long list of words, hitting search and waiting for a long list of "similar" foods based on your search terms. You simply start typing and you get immediate, accurate results. Your "recents" are always at the top of the list, combined with the most relevant search results from the MyNetDiary food catalog.

You can also see your recent foods and amounts grouped by meals in the Favorites dialog built from previous days. You can quickly mark those typical foods and amounts without typing a single character.

With such great techniques at work here, it's easy to see why Apple recently handpicked MyNetDiary as a Get In Shape App Store Essential, and it remains as the #1 App for the iPhone and iPad in the Health & Fitness category.

Ryan Newhouse

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