16 February 12 Fatty Food Cravings - Is It in Our Genes?

In a new study published by the journal Obesity, researchers are considering the complex reasons why some people crave fatty foods more than others. Scientists from the study say they found the reason why it can be hard to adhere to a low-fat diet for some and not for others, and it has to do with our genes.

Scientists from Columbia University, Rutgers University, Penn State, and Cornell University studied the reaction of 317 participants to Italian salad dressings to uncover their preferences for fat. The scientists asked people to sample salad dressings with varying levels of canola oil and rate their preferences. The subjects were then given a survey on which they rated their general preferences for fatty foods, including fried chicken, ice cream, bacon, sour cream and hot dogs, among others.

When scientists found that participants carried the AA variant of the CD36 gene, those individuals showed a greater preference for fatty foods and rated the salad dressing to be creamier than those individuals without the AA variant.

So what are the AA variant and CD36 gene, anyway? The CD36 gene is involved in fatty acid and glucose metabolism, taste, and processing dietary fat in the intestine. The AA variant of this gene is present in about 21 percent of the general population.

Now that scientists are aware of a correlation between the AA variant and fatty food preferences, they say they would like to test children for this gene variant in hopes of better educating ones who have it in order to reduce the risk of developing obesity.

This raises an important point. With studies such as these, it is one thing to have the information, but it is another to do something about it.

Tell us, if you knew you had the AA variant of the CD36 gene, would it help or hinder your weight loss goal? Would you understand your cravings better and thus be better equipped to address them?

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