Does housework burn calories? Here are 3 ways to burn calories when you're stuck inside

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Stuck indoors because the weather is too cold or hot right now and a trip to the gym is not going to happen? You may be wondering - does housework burn calories, and if so, how many calories can I burn with simple chores? This post gives you the top chores and the amount of calories you can burn with each.

Does housework burn calories? Here are 3 ways to burn calories when you're stuck inside

Does Housework Burn Calories & What Chores Burn the Most?

There are times when the weather is just so cold or so hot that I don't even want to drive to the gym let alone go outside and exercise or do yard chores. To stay active on those days, I remind myself that there are activities that I could do while also getting my indoor chores completed. This saves me both time and money while I burn calories. I don't routinely replace planned exercise with home chores but I do use them for back-up calorie burners as well as supplemental calorie burners.

Websites often list activity intensity levels by their Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) level. One MET is the amount of energy or calories you burn at complete rest. Of course, when you log an activity in MyNetDiary, the tracker calculates the calories for you.

I am sharing indoor chores that I typically have to do every week to keep my home in some resemblance of order and cleanliness. You might have different goals or chore requirements for your home and you may be wondering, does housework burn enough calories to compensate for exercise. To learn more about what household chores burn the most calories, see the Compendium of Physical Activities. If you are trying to reach "moderate-intensity" level, choose activities between 3 - 5.9 METS and perform them for 30 minutes of net time (that is, actual move time not including breaks). Moving more is beneficial, so even lower MET activities are helpful. Higher MET activities have the benefit of greater calories burning per minute, but they might be harder to perform for long periods so be sure to keep an eye on actual net minutes when you log your exercise. All activities are available for tracking in MyNetDiary.

Here are 3 ways to burn calories when you're stuck inside


Vacuuming is a decent energy burner at 3.3 METS. If I just do the second floor of my home, it takes me about an hour. Based upon my weight (130 lb), MyNetDiary calculates that I burn 139 calories for one hour of vacuuming. I'm not killing myself with this vacuuming effort - I'm basically walking slowly and pushing a device that is powered while occasionally leaning forward. You might think that the calories burn is not very much but consider that my outdoor walk burns only 155 calories per hour. And the bonus is that I have clean floors after I am finished burning those calories.

Cleaning the bathroom

I don't enjoy cleaning the bathroom but it needs to be done. The good news is that it is a moderate-intensity activity at 3.5 METS. When I log this item in MyNetDiary ("Scrubbing floors, on hands and knees, scrubbing bathroom, bathtub, moderate effort"), I burn 155 calories in one hour. That might feel like a bit of a cheat given the nature of the chore, but consider that it burns the same amount of calories as my one hour outdoor walk. When I am done, the bathrooms are clean and I have saved a boatload of money by not hiring someone to do it for me.

Moving furniture, household items, carrying boxes

Carrying loads of boxes or household items is a very good calorie burner at 5.8 METS. If I log 30 minutes of this activity, MyNetDiary shows that I burn 297 calories. Wow! This is a great motivator for me to work on finishing the reorganization of my home office or keep difficult rooms organized.

When I have to carry those boxes or loads up and down my stairs, then I burn even more calories since the MET level increases when stairs are involved (9 METS for carrying loads up and down stairs). Reorganizing a room and getting rid of unwanted items by carrying each load to the garage or basement will help you rack up the calories. Word of advice - use good lifting and carrying technique so you don't injure yourself.

There are many other common household chores that burn a fair number of calories: window washing (3.5 METS), mopping floors (3.5 METS), and painting walls or furniture (3.3 METS).

Tip: the more you can use stairs and/or increase your weight load, the more calories you will burn for any activity.

When I rethink regular chores as opportunities for supporting my health while saving money, I find that they are less burdensome to perform. This tactic might not work for everyone but it has certainly helped me frame it in a more positive way. And afterwards, I feel good - my home is cleaner, less cluttered, and looks nicer. And a clean and organized home can be better for your health - read The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness at Psychology Today. Give it a go!

Originally published on 5 February 2019,
Updated: 2 December 2019

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Dec 2, 2019
Katherine Isacks
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