24 October 2017Three Weight Loss Tips from a Successful Weight Loss Client

"I've never lost weight so slowly, and I've never kept it off this long," my most recent successful weight loss client said with a grin. I will refer to my client as Barbara (name changed to protect her privacy). Barbara lost twelve pounds in twelve weeks. Previously, through various fad diets, she had lost weight quickly to look "presentable" in her eyes for weddings, family reunions and holiday gatherings. However, as is typical with quick weight loss, she quickly regained the weight and had been yo-yo dieting her whole life. However, during our final walk-talk nutrition consultation after completing a twelve-week healthy eating and exercising program, Barbara shared with me what worked for her. Try these three weight loss tips from a successful weight loss client.

Three Weight Loss Tips

1. Design a New View on Weight Loss.

Before using this new slow and steady approach to losing weight, Barbara felt so frustrated every time she "fell off the bandwagon" that she would throw in the towel and binge eat. She would think, "I just ruined my diet by eating a candy bar, why not just finish off the day with a bag of chips and homemade cookies." However, by focusing on stressful day strategies, positive self-talk and planning portion-controlled treats, she had a paradigm shift and new view on how to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

Stressful Day:

If Barbara has a nerve-wracking day and knows that she eats more under stress, she tries to plan an alternative healthier activity, such as walking at her noon break as well as walking the dog an extra time in the evening. She has also found that chewing gum, journaling, talking to a friend and making a warm tea are healthier alternatives.

Positive Self Talk:

Through this twelve week program, Barbara learned that everyday is a new day. Even though some days, she still binged ate, she learned to overwrite the negative internal record player with a positive message. Rather than telling herself, "You can't do anything right" she learned to say, "As I learn from my mistakes, I am becoming a better person."

Plan a 150 calorie treat every day:

By planning a 150 calorie treat into her day, every day, whether salty or sweet, Barbara learned that even foods that she had previously labeled as "bad" could be incorporated into her daily routine. Since portion control was fundamental to this new concept, Barbara learned to eat smaller amounts slowly and enjoy them just the same.

2. Build a weight loss community support group.

During these twelve weeks, in addition to meeting a registered dietitian (me!) and a personal trainer twice a week, Barbara increased her community of support by joining Weight Watchers. By attending weekly classes and sharing challenges with others, she realized that she was not alone in her weight loss journey. She also started trying and enjoying new foods (hummus and carrots) which some of her new accountability group friends recommended. Joining MyNetDiary weight loss community group would also be a good way to create that support online.

3. Realize that exercise is more than burning calories.

Not only did exercising improve her mood and help her handle stress at work, lifting weights helped her increase her core strength which in turn decreased her back pain. Especially because Barbara had hardly exercised at all before the program, the first two weeks were challenging. She was sore and felt extra hungry and tired. Even though the first few weeks Barbara did not see a big decrease in pounds on the scale, because of all of these other factors, she was motivated to continue to exercise. In the long run, it was worth it and she lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks.

If you have always wondered how to lose weight and keep it off, try these three tips from a client who did.

  1. New View on Weight Loss
  2. Create a weight loss community support group
  3. Exercise is key

Please let us know which suggestions worked for you and if you have any additional ones.

In good health,
Martha Henze

MS, RD, Traveling Taste Buds, LLC

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