30 March 12 On the Go: Eating Healthy While Traveling

According AAA, about 92.3 million Americans will travel over the holidays this year, which is almost a 4% increase in travelers over last year. And while this means an extra helping of patience is certainly needed, it doesn't mean that we need an extra helping of Auntie Jean's potato salad to combat the stresses of travel. In fact, eating healthy while traveling can be a great opportunity to perfect and reflect our healthy lifestyles. But in case you need a tip or two to stay on track, we've got you covered.

Rule number one should always be, like the Boy Scouts, "Be Prepared." Know if your travel plans will allow you to bring your own food or shop healthfully while on-the-go. Don't rely on the airlines to offer snacks or meals with our health goals in mind. Pack snacks to stave off hunger on long road trips or flights. We don't want to face the stresses of long lines and testy travelers when we're also starving.

When you get to where you're going, scope out all your food prep options and nearby grocery stores. Know if you'll only be relying on a microwave to cook your next three meals or if you can use your grandmother's refrigerator. Don't be afraid to ask for the use of a shelf in the fridge or part of a cupboard to stock up a few of your own staples (like Greek yogurt and fresh carrots).

Many of us fall into family-style dining when we're around the family, which means big platters of comfort foods all day long. Don't stop planning your meals or calories, even if food seems abundant. If anything, family-style dining means you can put less on your plate to begin with and know you can always go back for more if you need it.

Schedule your restaurant meals. Along with planning your foods, know if you'll be going out to eat on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Don't wait until 5 PM to decide to "grab a bite" at a local eatery. If you know you'll want to splurge at your favorite restaurant, you'll have time to "bank" some calories for that treat.

Of course, don't skip breakfast. But be weary of the continental breakfasts offered at hotels - they mostly consist of waffles, muffins, bagels and breakfast cereals. Seek out the hard-boiled eggs and fresh fruit, or better yet, plan ahead and bring your own oatmeal or healthy cereals.

Think before you respond to offers of treats and high-calorie foods. You may hear, "Hey, try this!" many times this holiday season, but you don't always have to jump at every Christmas cookie or cup of eggnog. Always know you can sample and share with others. You don't have to eat the whole Petit Four or slice of pie. That's why we choose to be around our families for the holidays anyway, to share the good times and good foods!

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