5 May 2016 Step Bonus - Your Reward for Moving More!

Did you know that the iPhone Free, Pro, and Diabetes apps were just updated last week? One of the new features I am really excited about is Step Bonus: it is an estimation of calories burned from steps accrued above and beyond steps expected for your current Activity Level. I like the idea of getting "rewarded" for moving more and so does MyNetDiary!

Step Bonus is specifically designed for those of us who do not link with activity trackers that already estimate total calories burned. For MyNetDiary members, if you already link with FitBit, Withings, Jawbone, or Garmin, then you do not need Step Bonus.

What is Step Bonus?

Step Bonus is a feature that allows MyNetDiary to automatically add calories burned for steps accrued above the number expected with your chosen Activity Level:

  • If your steps are > 4000 with Sedentary
  • If your steps are > 7500 with Low Active
  • If your steps are > 10,000 with Active
  • If your steps are > 12,500 with Very Active

If you walk more than expected with your Activity Level, then good for you, and you get a Step Bonus!

MyNetDiary assumes that you've made all the extra steps walking at 2.5 MPH, it estimates distance and time walked, and then calculates and rewards you these extra calories.

Step Bonus will work under these conditions:

  • Step Bonus is toggled on (see Apps, Devices, Services section in Settings screen)
  • Daily Step Count is over the number of steps expected for your activity level (see Measurements row)
  • You haven't linked your MyNetDiary account with FitBit, Withings, Jawbone, or Garmin.
  • You have Premium subscription and use an iPhone app.

Where Do I See My Step Bonus?

You'll find Step Bonus in Exercises. The exercise item name is "Step Bonus" and if you tap it, you will find a description of how the Step Bonus calories were estimated.

What About Exercises Logged?

MyNetDiary automatically subtracts out estimated steps from all walking, running, and jogging exercises logged. This prevents overestimating total calories burned from Step Bonus. If you use the built-in GPS Tracker yet another latest addition to MyNetDiary's iPhone apps!) then you are safe.

If you engage in exercise that accrues steps and it is an activity other than walking, running, and jogging, then Step Bonus will overestimate your calories burned unless you make an adjustment. You have two options if you use your iPhone to track steps:

1. Don't have your iPhone on you while you perform the exercise and log the exercise in MyNetDiary. This is a good choice for exercise that has a higher caloric burn than walking.

2. Keep your iPhone on you while you perform the exercise and do not log the exercise in MyNetDiary. This is a good choice for exercise that has a caloric burn similar to walking.

When Step Bonus Is Not Appropriate

If you link with an activity tracker that calculates and loads both total calories burned along with steps into MyNetDiary, then keep Step Bonus turned off. This prevents overestimating calories burned from exercise.

Enjoy your new Step Bonus feature! You might find it interesting to check your Step Bonus calories over the course of the day to see how it gets adjusted up or down, based upon steps accrued and by the logging of walking, jogging, or running.

Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE
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