9 July 2013 Book Review: The Small Change Diet: 10 Steps to a Thinner You

Looking for a good summer read that supports your weight loss efforts?

The book, The Small Change Diet: 10 Steps for a Thinner You, by Keri Gans, MS, RD, is based on ten manageable changes which help create good habits, shed pounds, and boost energy. Keri Gans emphasizes that the changes that will make the biggest impact are often the smallest ones.

Listen to Keri Gans share how to individualize her book to help you meet your personal weight loss goals. As she emphasizes, “The winner at the weight loss game is not who loses the weight the fastest, but who keeps it off for a lifetime.”

In my practice as a registered dietitian, I have used The Small Change Diet book in teaching a ten week weight loss class through a Parks and Recreation department and a five week online weight loss class, entitled the 35 Day Challenge, at a community college.

Participant feedback on this easy-to-read paperback book is very positive:

  • “Learning the “small steps” made it very doable to me and not intimidating. The baby steps enabled me to try many different changes to see what actually works for me.”
  • “Loved the fact that the book really related to my everyday feelings and actual happenings. I am mailing my mom the book because she is interested and maybe she can give it to her brother and so on.”
  • “The single biggest challenge that I have faced is making myself eat breakfast. I struggle with it every single day. I re-read that chapter in our book at least once a week to remind myself of why I need to eat breakfast.”

The Small Change Diet is based on these 10 changes in 10 chapters.

1. Create a healthy eating schedule.

2. Brighten your plate, naturally with lots of veggies.

3. Think before you drink.

4. Give your carbs a makeover.

5. Go easy on the “extras” and make savory swaps for the old standbys.

6. Skinny your meat.

7. Eat the right kinds and amounts of fats.

8. Tame your sweet tooth and your saltshaker.

9. Share food and good times with advance planning and without guilt.

10.Get moving!

Read Chapter 10 after Chapter 1

Since I stress in all of my weight loss classes, that the best-rated diet won't work unless it's paired with a movement activity that you enjoy, I recommend reading Chapter 10 (Get Moving) after Chapter 1 (Creating a Healthy Eating Schedule) to see quicker weight loss results.

Find an activity that you enjoy! If you are very overweight or have other health problems, consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. Start slowly, then work up to at least 15 minutes a session, three to five times a week.

Track Food Intake and Exercise using MyNetDiary

For faster results, I recommend using MyNetDiary to log your food and beverage intake and exercise every week. Many of my clients lose weight, just by tracking!

Invite some friends to create a “Small Change Diet” Summer Book Club to provide encouragement, accountability and support as you read and make one goal for each chapter per week.

As the book states, “Don't bite off more than you can chew. Successful weight loss is achieved one small change at a time.”

Happy reading this summer!
Hope you enjoy the book as much as my clients do!

Martha Henze

MS, RD, Traveling Taste Buds, LLC

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