19 May 11 Losing Weight - Step by Step

In every good plan there are steps. If you have chosen to take control of your health, you've already taken a step - the step to take action on your idea. You have a positive attitude and self-confidence in your decision. These are needed for the journey ahead. But there may come a time during your journey that the next step isn't clear and you start to lose your way. Don't worry, this happens to most, if not all, of us. When it does, look over the following steps to losing weight and remind yourself that what you are doing is important.

See Your Success - Imagine what you will feel like at your target weight. Hear the compliments you'll receive from your friends and family. Like every professional athlete in his or her field, they have already mentally set a course to success.

Make a Map - While MyNetDiary gives you a number of charts and graphs you can review at the end of the day or week, it may help if you chart out a path to your ultimate goal. If you have a substantial goal, like losing 50 pounds or more, make a plan that breaks it into smaller goals, such as losing 10 pounds at a time.

Keep it Positive - Many of us subconsciously tell ourselves at one point or another that, "We're just not good enough to do this," and thoughts like these are destructive. It's when we have destructive thoughts that we give in to destructive behaviors - like having an extra piece of cake or three scoops of ice cream. Stay positive about the path you are taking.

Be Your Own Best Friend - Yes, friends and family will support us along the way, but know that the words you use to describe yourself (even in no one else hears them!) matter. Much like being your own cheerleader, be a friend to yourself and daily go over everything you did right to get to your goal.

Realize that No One's Perfect - We will all make mistakes and have small hiccups along the way. This is natural. What is amazing about being human is that we have the capacity to evolve in substantial ways in our lifetime. We can learn from our mistakes and grow into being the person we've always wanted to be.

Self-Affirm - Simple self-affirming statements go a long way, especially if you feel like your confidence is waining. Make a short list of ones you can draw upon as needed. Keep them on sticky notes in places you'll see them or where you'll need them.

Be a Goal-Tender - It's very important that you tend to your goals every day. If you believe you can achieve your goals, you will. Check in with yourself as often as you need to make sure you're on the path to success. You might be surprised how far along you already are!

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