Wondering what to do with fresh tomatoes? We share ideas and picked three tomato recipes you'll love!

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If you're wondering what to do with fresh tomatoes from the garden or farmers' market, lucky you! We have suggestions and healthy tomato recipes for using them up while they're at the peak of ripeness.

What to do with fresh tomatoes

What to do with fresh tomatoes? An age-old summer "problem"

Ahh, summer! Long days, warm weather, blooming flowers, and fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes! As much as we anticipate them, tomatoes are only at their peak of ripeness for a short time, meaning you may need to get creative in how to use them. Consider yourself fortunate-there are countless ways to use fresh tomatoes.

Technically a fruit, tomatoes are generally considered a vegetable based on their culinary uses. As if you needed another reason to eat tomatoes, they have impressive nutritional properties. A large tomato has only 33 calories yet provides a rich source of potassium (431 mg), vitamin A (1516 IU), and vitamin C (25 mg). Tomatoes are also high in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant with cancer-protective properties.

We hand-picked easy ideas to prepare fresh tomatoes

What else to do with fresh tomatoes? Try one of these MyNetDiary Premium Recipes

Tomato Basil Bruschetta: This simple preparation can be served as an appetizer over toasted bread or spooned over grilled chicken or fish.
Simple Ratatouille: A colorful stew, featuring the bounty of a summer garden: tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini.
Tomato Corn Black Bean Salad: An all-time favorite summer side dish and a great way to use leftover corn on the cob. You may even want to cook extra corn to make this salad the next day.

Want to explore even more tomato recipes?

Use MyNetDiary's Recipe Database to search more than 370,00 recipes. For example, add "tomato" under "Ingredients to include" to find your new favorite tomato recipe, and you'll never wonder what to do with your bumper crop of fresh tomatoes again!

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