Check out MyNetDiary's features that make it the best nutrition and fitness tracker app!

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Brenda Braslow
Brenda Braslow, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)

You want the best nutrition tracker app, but there are so many! Not all food and exercise tracker apps are the same. MyNetDiary is a simple-to-use calorie counter with a large database and so much more in its intuitive, streamlined platform! It allows customization and easy accessibility and gives you a way to connect or communicate with other MyNetDiary users.

Best nutrition tracker app

Features that make MyNetDiary the best nutrition and fitness tracker app

1. Extensive food database that keeps growing

New foods are added to the database daily and are immediately available to all users. Without a large database, you will either have a less accurate calorie intake assessment or will have to spend a lot more time entering your own customized foods. MyNet Diary's database has more than a million easy-to-find items from which to choose.

2. Accessibility

Creating an account means you can log in to any MyNetDiary-supported platform and access your data. Convenient logging is essential. Use any device--your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. And when you create an account, you won't lose all of your data if your phone is lost or stolen.

3. Community

The MyNetDiary community allows you to connect virtually with other users and MyNetDiary staff. You can learn from and share with other like-minded people. You can explore groups and teams to join or create a new group. Also, follow MyNetDiary on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter for valuable tips and links. MyNetDiary also has an excellent team of experienced and supportive registered dietitians to answer your questions or offer support on our community and social media. The best fitness and nutrition tracker app will have such a team behind you all the way!

4. Option to add new foods and recipes

Choose a tracker that allows you to enter custom foods and recipes. With MyNetDiary, you can do this right in the middle of logging a meal, saving a lot of time since it is a one-step process. Also, MyNetDiary's PhotoFood Service allows you to enter just a few nutrient amounts from the food label. Then it enters the remainder of the nutrients for you (using photos of the front and back of the label). Need inspiration from healthy recipes already in the database? Check out the MyNetDiary Premium recipe collection. You can see why the best nutrition tracker app for you offers this versatility.

5. Does it sync with your fitness device?

If you use a fitness device that can send data to Apple Health or Google Fit app, that data can be synced with MyNetDiary. You don't have to enter the data from your device manually when those devices are connected. MyNetDiary can also sync directly with FitBit, Garmin Connect, and Withings if you have a Premium membership.

Tip: MyNetDiary's Premium membership includes tracking blood glucose and several other vital physical measurements (e.g., A1C, blood pressure, etc.). Premium also offers a variety of Premium diet plans to fit your needs and a wide range of helpful reports and charts. You can try Premium for 14-days with a money-back guarantee as long as you purchase the membership directly from MyNetDiary's website.

When you're choosing the best nutrition and fitness tracker app for yourself, be sure to evaluate all the features, versatility, and support MyNetDiary offers. It's like no other!

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