Are there benefits of eating nuts and seeds every day? Yes, even for weight loss

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Brenda Braslow
Brenda Braslow, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)

Who knew that there are such treasures of wholesomeness inside those tiny powerhouses known as nuts and seeds? Research suggests health benefits of eating nuts and seeds every day, including trimming your waistline.

Benefits of eating nuts every day

The benefits of eating nuts and seeds every day

If you're not eating nuts and seeds, then it's time. Research suggests that the benefits of eating nuts and seeds every day (in moderation) include lowering the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, abdominal fat, cancer, heart disease, and lung disease.

Concerned about the calories? Although nuts are dense in calories, studies have actually found an inverse relationship between nut consumption and BMI or weight gain. One study showed that individuals who ate at least 1/4 ounce per day of tree nuts had lower weight and waist circumference than those who did not. Nuts are high in protein, fat, and fiber so you stay satisfied longer and may even eat less later.

Pay attention to the following calorie content, so you stay within your calorie budget.

Calories in nuts and seeds*

Almonds 23 nuts/ounce 164 calories
Cashews 18 nuts/ounce 157 calories
Hazelnuts 21 nuts/ounce 178 calories
Peanuts 30 nuts/ounce 166 calories
Pecans 20 halves/ounce 196 calories
Pine nuts 3 1/2 Tbsp/ounce 191 calories
Pistachios 49 kernels/ounce 159 calories
Walnuts 14 halves/ounce 183 calories
Chia seeds 2 tablespoons/ounce 138 calories
Flaxseed, ground 4 tablespoons/ounce 151 calories
Sesame seeds 3 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons/ounce 162 calories
Sunflower seeds 3 tablespoons+2 teaspoons/ounce 166 calories

*Note: The household measurement quantities are approximate due to varying sizes of nuts and seeds.

Fun facts about nuts and seeds

Ideas for including nuts and seeds

With all these ideas, you can enjoy the benefits of eating nuts and seeds every day, any time of day, and of course, in moderation. Remember, a handful, not a canful of nuts is a good rule of thumb.

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Nov 18, 2022
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