5 March 2019 Burning Calories with Outdoor Chores

Need ideas for burning calories while you get outdoor chores done? This post will give you three ideas for great calorie burners.

5 February 2019 Indoor Household Chores That Will Help You Burn Calories

Stuck indoors because the weather is too cold or hot right now and a trip to the gym is not going to happen? Or maybe you are just short on time and need to double-task to get things done? Read this post for ideas on how to burn calories while you get indoor home chores completed.

27 September 2016 Bicycling for fun, transportation, fitness and calorie burning

Bicycles are for everyone. You don’t need gasoline or a license or insurance. Just muscles and calories to burn.

9 October 2015 Questions & Answers about Aerobic Exercise for Health

This post focuses on aerobic exercise for health versus guidelines for athletic training.

31 July 2014 But Who’s Counting Anyway?

Don’t get fooled, get schooled on the accuracy of cardio machines calorie-counting abilities.

6 December 2013 This or That: Cardio or Strength Training Better for Weight Loss?

What’s better, cardio or strength training, for losing weight? You might be surprised, as were these Duke researchers in their recently published study.

8 August 2013 Water for Weight Loss Workouts

Water provides about 15 times the resistance than air, so why not train hard in the pool for your next weight loss workout.

30 April 2013 Burn Off that Cheeseburger!

Would you order lower calorie food if the menu told you how many minutes of walking you'd need to burn that food off? A new study suggests that approach works.

10 January 2013 Creative Fitness Trends for 2013

Ready to put your resolutions to the test? Here is a rundown of some of the more creative fitness trends you will probably come across in 2013. Many of these are now available at the local gym or making their way around the country. How many of them have you tried?

20 September 2012 The New 80/20 Rule

The New 80/20 Rule A long-held rule in the dieting world says that as long as you eat healthy for 80 percent of the time, you can indulge in your favorite foods the other 20 percent. This is fine advice, and following it could help keep your diet plans on track.

13 September 2012 Manual and Machine: Two Sides of Fitness

Manual and Machine: Two Sides of Fitness This week we want to present two different ways to approach a fitness routine. One using the simple and effective kettlebell, and the other with a high-tech treadmill. The aim is to show that both have their place in your fitness routine and that you don’t...

28 February 2012 Maximize Your Movements, Minimize Your Time

Maximize Your Movements, Minimize Your Time Working out can be about more than just burning calories; it can be a way we live and practice efficiency. Ideally, our workouts should allow us to burn the most calories and see the biggest gains in the least amount of time.

11 November 2010 Tune it Up! Why Music Adds ‘Muscle' to Your Workout

Tune it Up! Why Music Adds ‘Muscle' to Your Workout Who doesn't like a little background music when we're working out? Many gyms seem to prefer playing (or blasting!) hard rock or heavy metal in harmony with the grunts and clangs from weightlifters. Runners, skiers, cyclists and walkers can often be...

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