24 February 2017 Understanding Body Composition and Testing for It

Curious about what your body weight really means? There are options to test your body composition, but why would you, what are the pros and cons, and are they reliable?

29 July 2014 Factors That Affect Body Fat

Why do some people have too much body fat? Is it just a question of eating too many calories and/or not exercising enough?


Ever curious about your exact about of lean muscle and body fat? Many of us are, but what ways can we accurately measure it? We can get a fairly accurate BMI based on height, weight, gender, etc., but there are ways to get a better reading; some are reliable, some are expensive; some are neither.

3 May 2012 What the Belly Really Holds

What the Belly Really Holds Excess body fat doesn’t always distribute itself evenly over our bodies. Sometimes we see a concentration of it around our midsections, including our belly, hips and thighs. Unfortunately, when this happens it can signal that our excess weight can lead to more serious...

8 September 2011 Spot Reducing: Myth or My Goal?

Spot Reducing: Myth or My Goal? Spot reducing is a belief that you can target fat loss areas and slim down specific parts of the body. Included in this belief is that by doing hundreds of sit-ups you can reduce belly fat. Spot reduction is a favorite "promise" of many gimmicked weight loss drugs or...

26 July 2011 BMI and Body Fat - There is a Difference

BMI and Body Fat - There is a Difference When you log your weight into MyNetDiary , our program automatically calculates your BMI ( Body Mass Index ) to help guide you toward a healthy ratio of body mass and fat. The original concept of BMI was first developed in the early to mid 1800s as a way to estimate...

5 November 2010 Measurements: Why We Hate to Love Them

Measurements: Why We Hate to Love Them As we journey toward our weight management goals, we often stop along the way to look back and see from how far we came, and we do this by recording and noting various measurements. Some of us are more methodical about our measurements, and some just prefer to...

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