1 April 2014 Is Chocolate High in Caffeine?

Chocolate contains caffeine but not in especially high quantities compared to coffee or even black tea.

7 June 2011 Caffeine

Caffeine Caffeine is a fascinating, naturally occurring drug that has all sorts of physiological effects on human beings. Within a range of intake (that will vary between individuals), caffeine can enhance wakefulness, sports performance, and mental acuity.

8 October 2010 Caffeine's Effect on Hunger: Suppressant or Stimulant

Caffeine's Effect on Hunger: Suppressant or Stimulant ? In a recent post on MyNetDiary's Facebook page, Kathy Isacks , MPS, RD, asked if people got more hungry on days they consumed more coffee than usual. Most of the responses suggested that coffee suppressed people's appetites.

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