Apr 1, 2014 Is Chocolate High in Caffeine?

Chocolate contains caffeine but not in especially high quantities compared to coffee or even black tea.

Jun 7, 2011 Caffeine

Caffeine Caffeine is a fascinating, naturally occurring drug that has all sorts of physiological effects on human beings. Within a range of intake (that will vary between individuals), caffeine can enhance wakefulness, sports performance, and mental acuity.

Oct 8, 2010 Caffeine's Effect on Hunger: Suppressant or Stimulant

Caffeine's Effect on Hunger: Suppressant or Stimulant ? In a recent post on MyNetDiary's Facebook page, Kathy Isacks , MPS, RD, asked if people got more hungry on days they consumed more coffee than usual. Most of the responses suggested that coffee suppressed people's appetites.

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