Jun 30, 2015 Do Summer Diets Work? Here's What You Need To Know

Summer sounds like a slam dunk for dieters: warm weather for outdoor activity and fresh produce. But summer can also present problems and pitfalls for dieters. Here are some of the pros and cons of summer dieting.

Feb 13, 2013 Alcohol and Your Diet: It's More than Empty Calories

Alcohol consumption and dieting are often recommended not to go hand in hand, mostly because of its empty calories. However, the extra calories from alcohol may not be the primary reason people gain weight when they don't moderate their intake. In fact, there may be two things worse about alcohol than its calories.

Dec 28, 2010 Alcohol & Parties

Alcohol & Parties Since New Year's Eve is in three days, I'm thinking about alcohol. Alcohol is fairly caloric – it contains 7 calories per gram compared to 9 calories for fat, and 4 calories for carbohydrate or protein. Other components of alcoholic drinks also contribute to calories, for instance,...

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