13 February 2018 Does anyone need an excuse to eat chocolate?

We love chocolate for the flavor, but research showing health benefits might make us love chocolate more. What are the facts behind these claims, and are they a good reason to eat more chocolate?

1 April 2014 Is Chocolate High in Caffeine?

Chocolate contains caffeine but not in especially high quantities compared to coffee or even black tea.

14 February 2013 Chocolate News Update

Guest post for MyNetDiary by Donna P. Feldman, MS, RD

14 February 2012 Romance Me with Chocolate!

Romance Me with Chocolate! Move over wine and flowers, there is another aphrodisiac to compete for winning my heart this Valentine's Day – chocolate! What is it about chocolate that makes us so darn happy and perhaps, "in the mood?" It's probably a combination of factors - naturally occurring psychoactive...

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