10 February 2015 Why Warm Up with Tea this Winter

A cup of tea or a cup of infusion? Warming up with a cup of hot tea not only soothes the soul, but also when used to replace a sugary beverage can decrease calories and help you lose weight. Drink tea often to keep your antioxidant levels high throughout the day.

3 February 2015 Coffee Can Help Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Coffee lovers rejoice! A recent study showed that both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of developing diabetes.

29 May 2012 Better Beverage Choices for a Hot Summer Day

Better Beverage Choices for a Hot Summer Day Most of us are aware of the problem of "drinking our calories" – we add extra calories without compensating with a reduced intake of calories from food. Drinking water is the most direct way to hydrate during a hot summer day but sometimes we simply want...

7 June 2011 Caffeine

Caffeine Caffeine is a fascinating, naturally occurring drug that has all sorts of physiological effects on human beings. Within a range of intake (that will vary between individuals), caffeine can enhance wakefulness, sports performance, and mental acuity.

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