Sep 2, 2015 Healing Nutrition

Well-nourished cells from good nutritional health are a plus for healing. Some of the big player nutrients involved in tissue repair and the decreased risk of infection include dietary protein, zinc, vitamins A and C. Good nutrition can give you a fighting advantage for faster healing. A steak with quinoa, broccoli, a glass of milk and cantaloupe for dessert could be just what the doctor ordered.

Mar 31, 2015 Calorie and Protein Requirements for Healing After Orthopedic Surgery

Leading a life filled with playing sports and being active offers many mental and physical rewards. Yet, the reality remains that sometimes an active lifestyle results in a physical injury.

Jan 26, 2012 Four Keys to Losing Weight While Injured

Four Keys to Losing Weight While Injured Let's face it, sometimes injuries happen, especially if we're new to regular exercise or stepping up our training routine. And though they can be a setback to our exercise regimen, they don't have to be a setback to our weight loss goal.

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