5 March 2019 Burning Calories with Outdoor Chores

Need ideas for burning calories while you get outdoor chores done? This post will give you three ideas for great calorie burners.

5 February 2019 Indoor Household Chores That Will Help You Burn Calories

Stuck indoors because the weather is too cold or hot right now and a trip to the gym is not going to happen? Or maybe you are just short on time and need to double-task to get things done? Read this post for ideas on how to burn calories while you get indoor home chores completed.

30 October 2018 The Joy of Exercising is in the Now not the Future

Do you think that the short-term benefits of exercise are more motivating than the long-term benefits of exercise? It's not that people are not trying! Read this article to find out whether long-term or short-term benefits are more motivating.

10 July 2018 Sweat & Summer, How To Make Sure Your Electrolytes Stay Balanced

Sweating in hot weather is a fact of life. Most people just need to drink a bit more water to replace the lost fluid. But in some extreme situations, you also need to replace sodium.

27 December 2016 Don’t let winter weather freeze your exercise routine

Don’t let cold weather, snow or short days stop you from keeping active in winter. Here are some activity ideas that fit into anyone’s winter schedule.

19 December 2014 Do You Like to Workout, but Love to Eat? Change that Around

Exercise should be loved a little more than eating if you want to change your DNA for a healthier lifestyle. Here’s why.

8 July 2014 Don't Eat Away Your Results!

Do you try to squeeze in a 30-60 minute workout most days of the week? Do you work hard during exercise sessions to burn calories and tone your body? If so, don’t destroy your efforts to lose weight by eating high calorie energy bars, gels, and flavored beverages during and after exercising.

19 June 2014 Don’t Let Exercise Get in the Way of Losing Weight

Exercise can actually make losing weight harder. Find out why and what you can do about it.

27 February 2014 The #1 Exercise

What is the greatest exercise of all? The answer may surprise you. Find out more here.

7 February 2014 Cold Weather, Exercise, and Injuries

Ready to exercise outside or do you feel to achy when the weather changes? Read on for a few tips about exercising outdoors and why rains bring pains.

12 November 2013 How Much Exercise to Burn That Off?

If you knew how many “sweat equivalents” you would have to exert because of your food choices at a restaurant, would that influence you more than calorie counts provided on a menu?

30 July 2013 The Benefits of Proper Breathing During Exercise

Every breath you take while exercising can help you go further and do more, or add stress to your body, so make sure you are doing it right and you can realize greater results and improve weight loss.

13 June 2013 Be the Best Workout Partner You Can Be

Working out with a partner can really boost your exercise routine, but are you holding up your end of the bargain and being the best workout partner you can be?

16 May 2013 To Cool Down or Not to Cool Down, That is the Question

Should you cool down after exercising? Here are the pros and cons, according to new research on the subject.

21 February 2013 Home Gym for Under $100

Ready to build your own home gym for under $100? You can get a good start by investing in these few items.

19 February 2013 Losing Weight as a Couple - Dos and Don'ts

Losing weight as a couple has its ups and downs, but the rewards are the sweetest when you succeed together.

4 January 2013 What to Look for in a Personal Trainer?

Perhaps you've decided to hire a personal trainer for 2013, but what does a good personal trainer look like? Lean, mean, and carries a bullhorn? Not always. Here's a list of qualifications you should look for in a personal trainer.

13 December 2012 Five Holiday Fitness Tips

Does life feel a little extra busy right now? Do you already have a house full of guests or are you getting ready to travel yourself? Now is not the time to put exercise on the back burner. It's the time to commit to staying a step ahead of your health. In order to do this, here are five fitness tips you can do this holiday season.

25 October 2012 Consistency Through Change

By choice or happenstance, things change. Just like the leaves of fall, our lives can take on new colors. Perhaps it's a new job, a new house, a new school, change can be a big obstacle, but it doesn't have to derail our efforts to exercise and be healthy. Here are a few tips on keeping consistent through a lifestyle change.

18 October 2012 Don't Let Autumn Make Your Healthy Lifestyle "Fall" Off

Summer seems to make exercise effortless – it's warm outside, the days are long, you can wear comfortable shorts. Now that fall is in full swing, it's time to use this seasonal shift to your advantage instead of hibernating until it's time to make a New Year's resolution.

20 September 2012 The New 80/20 Rule

The New 80/20 Rule A long-held rule in the dieting world says that as long as you eat healthy for 80 percent of the time, you can indulge in your favorite foods the other 20 percent. This is fine advice, and following it could help keep your diet plans on track.

17 January 2012 How to Exercise While in a Hotel without a Gym or Pool

How to Exercise While in a Hotel without a Gym or Pool Getting exercise while traveling for business can be a real challenge - we are often limited to exercising in our hotel room. If you have a choice, then choose a hotel that has a gym or a pool, even if it means spending a little bit more money.

24 March 2011 Spring Has Sprung, Now Let’s Burn Some Calories

Spring Has Sprung, Now Let’s Burn Some Calories With the arrival of Spring comes budding trees, blooming flowers, blowing winds and best of all, Spring cleaning. Say again? Yes, Spring cleaning season is yet another opportunity to burn some calories and inch our way closer (pun intended!

11 November 2010 Tune it Up! Why Music Adds ‘Muscle' to Your Workout

Tune it Up! Why Music Adds ‘Muscle' to Your Workout Who doesn't like a little background music when we're working out? Many gyms seem to prefer playing (or blasting!) hard rock or heavy metal in harmony with the grunts and clangs from weightlifters. Runners, skiers, cyclists and walkers can often be...

13 October 2010 Fall-Friendly Fitness Tips

Fall-Friendly Fitness Tips As colder weather becomes more common across the country, some of us begin to question our commitment to early-morning frosty runs or long cycling rides on cold, wet pavement. Fear not, for here are a few fall-friendly fitness tips that will keep us moving while the leaves...

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