7 June 12 5 Things You Can Change to Lose Weight

It’s not always that one extra big meal or the one day we skipped going to the gym that keeps us from losing the weight we aimed for that week. Instead it’s the small habits we have picked up during our lives that we perform almost unconsciously. That is, perhaps, why they became habits in the first place; we don’t think about them. That’s also why they may be harder to change, but we can try. And the first step we must take is acknowledging that we have these habits and that we want to change them. Here are five habits many of us have that we can improve and lose weight.

1. Doing While Eating - Distraction does wonders for over-indulging. Perhaps you’re alone at lunch time and pick up your smart phone to first track your calories and then switch over to playing your favorite word game or one with flying birds. Mindless eating can add extra calories. One study showed that people who played a computer game (Solitaire) while eating consumed 125 calories more than those who didn’t.

2. Bouncing Out Before Breakfast -Skipping any meal will surely set you back in the long run. It’s simply not a sustainable behavior and is not a nutritionally-sound method for lowering your daily calorie intake. It doesn’t mean you have to eat breakfast first thing in the morning even if you’re not hungry, but you should eat something filling within the first few hours of being awake. Breakfast is also an opportunity to get valuable vitamins and fiber into your diet.

3. Not Dishing it Out - We’ve all eaten straight from the bag or box at one time or another. High-calorie foods, such as cookies, chips, and crackers seem to be the worst offenders. In order to accurately track calories and lose weight, we must be aware of that which we eat. We have to control portions and understand serving sizes, and that can’t happen if we don’t know what we’re grabbing and eating.

4. Stocked with Temptation - There seems to be a self-evident truth that if cookies and ice cream are easily accessed we will ultimately eat said cookies and ice cream; if they are not around we won’t eat them. This means if we want to consume less unhealthy foods we should not stock them in our homes or around our desks. In essence, don’t keep yourself on a “see-food diet.”

5. Gorging on the Go - Food should be savored. Although we may lead busy lives, if we frequently eat while running errands, driving our cars (never recommended anyway), or while pacing through the house, it’s another form of distracted eating. Slow down and make time for your meals like you make time for your exercise and you will get the positive results for which you are striving.

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