8 November 2012 A Food Journaling Best Practice for Getting Started

On Tuesday, Kathy Isacks wrote a terrific article on strategies for getting started on a weight loss journey. From goal selection to understanding balance in eating, it's important to have a plan in place before you launch into a new weight loss lifestyle.

But once you're set to go, we have one big best practice that may help you stick with and succeed with your calorie counter. If you think about it, perhaps the three biggest lifestyle changes one makes when starting and keeping a food journal is 1) keeping track of what you eat 2) adhering to a calories budget 3) measuring food portions.

The act of calorie tracking is actually fast and easy, thanks to MyNetDiary. We bring up search results as you type. You can scan barcodes or even snap pictures of the nutrition facts and box covers and have the MyNetDiary team enter data.

With that out of the way, another part of this lifestyle people tend to struggle with early on is having and adhering to a calories budget. But this comes with a steep learning curve. We learn quickly that quality supersedes quantity, so eating the right fuels that will keep you satiated and energized are key. We have many articles on MyNetDiary.com and this blog on selecting proper nutritionally-dense foods to keep you going.

So this leaves us with the act of measuring portions. This can be a very hard concept for people to start employing, especially if it's something they've never done before. It can seem tedious, confusing and time-consuming. Therefore, the "best practice" tip we have to keeping a food journal is to spend time, even two weeks, not even tracking foods or adhering to a calorie budget before getting started. Instead, spend that time just measuring out your portions, no matter what you eat. Do you know what a serving of cold cereal looks like? What about ice cream? If you can make measuring second nature, the tracking and calorie counting becomes much easier and you'll be way more likely to stick with it.

What do you think? Have you spent any time practicing some aspect of healthy living before diving in headfirst?

Ryan Newhouse

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