Mar 24, 2015 Vitamin A: Keep Your Eyes Out for It

If you want good vision (especially at night) as well as healthy skin and teeth, and optimal reproductive function, look for dietary vitamin A. In proper doses, other benefits of vitamin A include protection from infections and antioxidant power that could reduce risk of cancer and other age-related diseases. Eating five servings of fruits and veggies daily will help you increase your vitamin A intake. Look for more intensely colored fruits and vegetables to maximize vitamin A content. Your eyes and skin will thank you for it.

Oct 24, 2013 Move Your Pumpkin from the Porch to the Kitchen!

Did you know that one cup (116 grams) of pumpkin contains only 30 calories and 0% fat? Whether you use fresh or canned, fall is a wonderful season to experiment in your kitchen with pumpkin and still stay within your calorie budget to meet your weight loss goals.

Sep 6, 2011 Tomatoes – Get ‘em Fresh & Local While You Can

Tomatoes – Get ‘em Fresh & Local While You Can Few summer veggies or fruits grab my attention like a sun-ripened, freshly picked tomato. There is such a range of flavors in the different breeds of tomatoes – sweet, sour, bitter and umami . Ugly or pretty, yellow, orange, purplish, or red,...

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