Aug 13, 2019 Eight Benefits of Strength Training - It's Never Too Late to Start

The physical consequences of aging are not inevitable. Read about the eight benefits of strength training - and remember, it's never too late to start!

Jan 17, 2017 Don't Resist Strength Training as a Tool for Preventing and Treating Type 2 Diabetes

We can all benefit from strength (resistance) training to increase muscle power. If you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, then you have even more reason to include strength training in your fitness program. Read more in this blog.

Mar 22, 2016 Weight gain: for many people it’s not as easy as it sounds

Weight gain is a problem for a surprising number of people, from teen athletes to people who have lost significant weight due to illness. In both cases, weight gain and muscle building depend on consistently increased calorie and protein intake.

Dec 6, 2013 This or That: Cardio or Strength Training Better for Weight Loss?

What’s better, cardio or strength training, for losing weight? You might be surprised, as were these Duke researchers in their recently published study.

Feb 21, 2013 Home Gym for Under $100

Ready to build your own home gym for under $100? You can get a good start by investing in these few items.

Oct 9, 2012 Protein Needs for Muscle Growth

Guest Post for MyNetDiary by Jacque Maldonado MS, RD, CDE
Building muscle can seem like the Holy Grail for both athletes and people working on weight loss. The first and most essential ingredient is resistance training, also known as weight lifting, at least twice a week. Mix in a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise that includes some days of increased intensity. Fold in a recovery day and plenty of high quality sleep, and muscles receive the signals and rest needed to build up or at least not break down during weight loss.

Sep 13, 2012 Manual and Machine: Two Sides of Fitness

Manual and Machine: Two Sides of Fitness This week we want to present two different ways to approach a fitness routine. One using the simple and effective kettlebell, and the other with a high-tech treadmill. The aim is to show that both have their place in your fitness routine and that you don’t...

Feb 7, 2012 Trying to Build Muscle? Don't forget about calories!

Trying to Build Muscle? Don't forget about calories! Building muscle requires some additional protein but not as much as you would think. There are three keys to building muscle: 1. Additional calories to support an increase in muscle mass. 2. Additional protein to support an increase in...

Jan 27, 2011 RIP: Jack LaLanne - "Godfather of Fitness"

RIP: Jack LaLanne - "Godfather of Fitness" On January 23, Jack LaLanne passed away at 96 years young. LaLanne was many things - a TV celebrity, an entrepreneur, a chiropractor, a world-record setter, an inventor and a juice fanatic. Chances are that most people today know him for starting a juicing...

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