Gift Guide for a Fit Father’s Day

This Sunday, Dads all over will be celebrating another year of their fatherhood, and the lucky ones will be greeted with kind cards, big BBQ dinners and perhaps a gift or two from their loved ones. While it's never too late to thank the Dad in your life with verbal recognition, it's always nice to give him a little token gift of your appreciation. Below are a few suggestions that will keep your father, or your child's father, fit for another year.

KYOCERA Damascus-look Knives - Dads like sharp things, so why not make him feel like a "top chef" by bestowing him a new kitchen blade ($100-$300).

ThermoWorks Digital Meat Thermometer - Help him gauge his "hotness" with a digital food thermometer, which is also great for preventing a too-well-done dinner (prices vary).

Zojirushi 5.5 cup Rice Cooker/Warmer - Makes things "steamy" with an automatic rice cooker. No one wants rice that's too hard or too soft ($134).

Coleman Classic Cooler, Steel 54-qt. - Nothing says "retro man" like toting a steel cooler for silver cans of tasty suds. This will keep your Dad "cool" under all circumstances ($100-$200).

Amphipod RunLite AirStream Trail - You can give your man one fast fanny…pack with this racing belt + snap flasks ($50).

Deni 3500 800-watt Professional Grade Meat Grinder - Want to create a little "bump ‘n grind" in the kitchen? Just equip the Dad in your life with this powerful meat grinder ($100).

LightMyFire Spork - Let no man be hungry with this ultimate eating tool - the Spork! From stabbing veggies to ladling low-fat chowders, the Spork is all that and more ($3-$20).

From the MyNetDiary team, have a happy and healthy Father's Day celebration this weekend!

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