27 March 12 MyNetDiary's Top 11 Blog Posts in 2011

It's the day before we all make our next year's resolutions and the perfect time to sit back and reflect on a few highlights from 2011. The team at MyNetDiary pondered over our blog and pulled out the top 11 posts from 2011. We liked them; you liked them; so they must have been helpful and entertaining. Now you have them all in one place, making it easy to share with your friends and family for New Year's Eve.

6 Staff Favorites

Setting a Healthy Target Weight - Our always helpful and very informative consulting dietitian, Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD, breaks down how to determine a healthy weight goal using your BMI calculations.

Losing Weight - Step by Step - Sometimes all we need is a simple reminder that the journey we are on is possible. This article offers up seven simple steps to keep us all on track.

How to Love Your Food - Whether we realize it or not, we have a relationship with our food. Here's a post about how we can nurture this relationship.

Diabetes - Get Tested! - For National Diabetes Awareness month in November, Kathy Isacks covers all the important reasons to get tested for Diabetes.

"Exergaming" Away Those Extra Pounds - Many people probably got a gaming console this Christmas, so why not use it to help us hit our target weight!

Bacon - A Love Story - Who doesn't love bacon? In this post, Kathy sorts out for us how we can keep bacon on our plate and still lose weight, and we thank her for that!

5 Most Popular

What Really Contributes to Weight Gain - Some Surprising Stats - Reporting on a couple different recent studies, we take a closer look at what really contributes to weight gain.

Meal Replacements at Lunch Can Help You Lose Weight - You've thought about meal replacements, but maybe you wondered if they can really work. Kathy Isacks helps you understand more about them.

The ‘Skinny' on Protein Powders - Whey, soy or CHO? With protein powders, we have choices. But which one works the best? This article covers it all.

Popcorn - We all love popcorn, but if we are not careful, we can snack on too many "kerneled calories."

Why Did I Stop Losing Weight? - Many people who have worked hard to lose weight experienced a plateau or two along the way. In this piece, Kathy Isacks covers what may contribute to the stall and how to get past it.
Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE
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