23 November 2012 Use Black Friday to Burn Calories

Now that Thanksgiving is behind and today millions of people are hitting the stores to save on gifts, that does not mean we have to skip the opportunity to exercise. In fact, if yesterday was a "cheat day" for most of us, it's all the more important to burn some extra calories today.

Here are some fun and creative ways to incorporate a little calorie-burning into your checklist this holiday season. These can be done on any shopping trip, not just on Black Friday!

The Park and Walk – With all the extra crowds hitting the malls now, we may not have to choice to park close to the entrance, but why not park at the end of the lot anyway and use this time to do a brisk walk to the store? On average, a 180-lb person burns about 95 calories walking 20 minutes at 3 MPH.

Benches aren't for Sitting – Sure, it would be nice to sit outside the store and wait for your loved one to sift through the sales racks, but instead of lounging on the bench seat, do a few tricep-dips instead. Chances are most people will be too focused on deal-hunting to stop and see what you're up to. Benches are also great for push-ups too.

Changing Room = Fitness Studio – While trying on some clothes, or just popping into a store with a changing room, use that time and personal space for a couple minutes of cardio. You can do 20 squats or some strength training drills. No one will even know!

Escalators aren't for You – This one is easy – ditch the automatic stairs and climb to the next floor the old fashioned way. And you don't have to just go up and down once. Do a couple laps, or just climb every staircase you pass by during your shopping trip. At the end of the day, you'll have saved more than just some cash; you will have saved some calories too!

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