23 September 10 20 Foods to Help You Lose

MyNetDiary members helped us compile a list of their favorite foods in the MyNetDiary Community Forum that have helped them cut calories and lose weight. We know it can be hard to eat the same boring foods each week, so hopefully this list of 20 foods will help inspire you to get creative with your cravings.

Most Popular Veggies:
-Carrots (great for dipping in hummus)
-Red peppers (try them grilled)

Most Popular Fruits:
-Blueberries (especially on oatmeal or high-fiber breakfast cereals)

Starting Off Right with Breakfast:
-High-fiber cereals with low-fat milk
-Oatmeal with low-fat milk

Snack Time:
-Melba toast
-Low-fat Greek yogurt
-Almonds (toasted, unsalted)

Don't Forget Dessert:
-100% Fruit Popsicles
-Frozen grapes
-Fresh Pineapple

Other Helpful Notables:
-Low-fat Cottage Cheese
-Asparagus (grilled)
-Low-carb Pita bread
-Fat-free Feta cheese

What other foods have you put in your food diary to keep your weight loss or maintenance on track?

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