Oct 2, 2018 Sweet Potato & Ground Turkey Skillet - A Comfort Food That is Weight-Friendly!

Just because you need to watch your weight or blood glucose doesn't mean potatoes are off the menu. Check out this deliciously simple dish that is filling yet is modest in calories and carbs.

Jul 16, 2019 20 Carb-counted Snacks from a Dietitian's Kitchen

To snack or not to snack? Figure out if snacking is for you and get ideas for carb-counted snacks using foods from a dietitian's kitchen.

Jun 21, 2018 Choosing Healthy Carbs for Diabetes and Diabetes Prevention

Did you know that labeling carb foods as good or bad is not a great idea? Learn a healthier approach to managing carbs. This is especially helpful when you have diabetes or prediabetes.

Aug 29, 2017 Great Food Sources of Fiber

Do you struggle to consume enough fiber? You can boost fiber with careful food choices from a number of different food groups. Getting enough fiber does not mean you have to eat high carb. Read this post for tips on how to boost your fiber content.

Dec 3, 2014 Simple & Healthful Meal Planner - Plate Method

If you want a simple meal planner, there is nothing quite as simple as the original Plate Method. This meal planner controls both total carbohydrates at meals as well as calories.

Oct 4, 2016 How to Handle Sandwich Bread for Weight & Carb Control

If you are a sandwich lover, then it’s time to take a look at your choice of bread. You do not have to cut out bread if you are trying to lose weight or control carbs for diabetes but you do need to choose wisely to avoid excess calories, carbs, and sodium.

Sep 21, 2016 Delicious Slow Cooker Cincinnati Turkey Chili

Just in time for slightly chillier evenings, check out this rich, unusual "chili" recipe that is still diabetes-friendly and weight loss-friendly.

Dec 17, 2014 Using Glycemic Index to Your Advantage

Yes, we are lucky to have the availability of convenient foods for our busy lives. The downside is that most of these foods are more processed. As a result, they may make it easier to gain weight and ultimately lead to health issues that may be difficult to manage. Glycemic Index (GI) can be a useful tool for those looking to better control their glucose response after meals, and it may also help with weight loss and insulin resistance. Try a few of the suggested strategies to help control the glycemic response after meals and snacks.

Feb 4, 2014 Diabetes Diary: How Do You Count Your Carbs?

This post describes different carb counting methods and why some methods might be more helpful than others.

Jul 2, 2013 Diabetes Diary: Enjoying the 4th of July

Need some tips on how to control carbs and calories during the July 4th holiday? This blog post will cover the basics on damage control for the holiday. Post includes examples of higher and lower carb food and drink options.

Jun 4, 2013 Diabetes Diary: Carb Controlled Snacks

Need tips for controlling carbs from snacks? You have landed on the right post — includes snack ideas and comments regarding sugar free products.

Sep 3, 2019 Is yogurt your sweet treat?

With the abundance of yogurts out there, have you wondered about which yogurt is best? What is the difference between Greek versus regular yogurt and which yogurt is best for health? Or perhaps yogurt is simply your sweet treat.
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