4 January 2017Guide to the Top 20 Blog Posts on Nutrition & Weight Control at MyNetDiary

Happy New Year to all of our awesome MyNetDiary members! In an effort to provide helpful information at your fingertips to kick off the New Year, I decided to list our most popular blog posts. I defined “popular” in a very simple way – how many of you shared the post on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and I limited the years to 2013 – 2016. Although our blog goes back to 2010, we no longer have complete share data for older posts.

The top 20 posts on this list are not necessarily better or more important than the others, but readers shared them via social media much more often than the other posts. The order is sorted from highest to lowest number of social media shares. That is, the most popular posts are listed first.

The top blog post was “What’s A Realistic Weight Goal?” Hurray! I’m so happy that people want to know more about how to set realistic weight goals. That is the very first step in a successful campaign to lose weight (and keep it off forever).

Oh, and gentle readers, you seem to be hungry for healthier snack ideas! A number of posts in this list focused on snacks. You can go directly to the blog post by tapping the links below - they are inserted right into the title.

Top 20 Posts at MyNetDiary 2013 - 2016

MyNetDiary cares about your health and wants to support you in your weight control journey. These blog posts were found to be inspiring and helpful enough that readers shared them the most often with others. I hope this list helps you too. To Your Health in 2017!

Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE
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