18 September 12 Popular Blog Posts at MyNetDiary - Did You Miss Them?

Since MyNetDiary started a blog in August 2010, there have been 214 posts published on topics related to healthy eating, physical activity, and weight control. There are two regular blog writers, myself (a registered dietitian and diabetes educator) and Ryan (an experienced journalist and social media expert). We also include posts from guest writers from various disciplines. You can search our blog by topic by using the search box. If you cannot find a post with the topic you searched, then try viewing blog posts at a glance by picture. Navigation by month is on the left. We average about 8 posts a month.

Most Common Post Topics

Not surprisingly, the five most common themes for blog posts were:
13.5% (29 posts): Behavior & Weight Control
13% (28 posts): Foods & Weight Control
13% (28 posts): Nutrients & Foods
12.7% (27 posts): Physical Activity
6.5% (14 posts): Eating tips for Holidays, Celebrations, Religious & Other Special Occasions

Blog Post Favorites from the Past 6 Months

We do not have a precise method for assessing post popularity or utility to our users. However, if counting total views from Facebook or top number of sharing occurrences from each post is considered, then these 10 posts appear to be the most popular and well read:

What Helps Adults Lose Weight & Maintain Weight Loss? Published 5/17/12.

Use of Protein Shakes in Weight Control. Published 9/11/12.

Seriously? You want me to walk how many steps per day? Published 6/5/12.

Almonds Have Fewer Calories Than Listed on Food Label! Published 9/4/12.

What Else is Making You Gain Weight? Published 4/6/12.

Beyond Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Published 8/28/12.

Above All, Write it Down. Published 7/26/12.

Be An Olympian (Kind Of) with Simple Sports Nutrition. Published 8/2/12.

Five Power Fueling Foods for Exercise. Published 8/23/12.

Eating Disorders Can Come in Different Shapes and Sizes. Published 8/21/12.
Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE
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