November 1st, 2012 Wait to Lose Weight?

It may sound strange, but a new study put forth by Stanford researchers is suggesting that long term weight loss may benefit from having a little patience. But why wait? To learn the tools you'll need to know post-weight-loss before you actually lose weight.

In a study with 260 overweight to obese women, which were split into two groups, one group was immediately set to the task of completing a 20-week weight loss plan that included healthy eating, regular exercise, attending weekly support meetings and keeping track of calories and fitness in a food journal.

After 20 weeks, this group was then asked to complete an 8-week period where they learned how to maintain their body weight.

The other group of women were tasked first with the 8-week maintenance program and asked NOT to lose any weight during this time. After eight weeks, they completed the same 20-week weight loss program.

The initial result? Both groups lost the same amount of weight, an average of 17 pounds, or 9 percent of their starting body weight. The difference, however, occurred a year later, when the group who started with the weight loss program gained back, on average, seven pounds. The group that started with the maintenance plan gained back, on average, less than 3.5 pounds.

Interesting results with clear long term effects. So while you may wake up one day and be ready to start your journey, perhaps it can be more beneficial to consider a different starting point for your weight loss program. Take time to learn how you will live at your target weight instead of solely working to get there! We've all experienced the ups and downs of weight loss, but this study at least suggests there is a way we can keeps more of the ups and reduce the downs.

What do you think? Should we ride the excitement of getting started on day one or step back and take a more balanced and educational approach?

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