Oct 8, 2019 Are you considering a low-carb diet? Here's how MyNetDiary can help!

Can you use MyNetDiary if you follow a low-carb diet? Yes, you definitely can! MyNetDiary is designed to track using any type of diet or eating plan.

May 21, 2019 Is There An Easier Way to Log Your Basic Foods?

Learn how to enter staple or basic foods in your meals and recipes. Staple Foods have more complete nutrient content than brand foods and are easy to find and log. You can find them using the Staple screen while entering foods in meals or recipes.

Mar 19, 2019 Science Supports Health Tracking

Do you ever wonder if the time and effort you make to record your food, exercise and weight are worth it? A recently published study helps answer this questions for us.

Nov 14, 2018 Using Siri with MyNetDiary

Are you using MyNetDiary's iPhone app? Then learn how to use Siri shortcuts for some common logging scenarios in MyNetDiary. Using Siri shortcuts means you can log certain things in MyNetDiary by using your voice instead of your hands. This feature is available for all iPhone apps, with or without Premium membership.

May 24, 2018 Tips for Tracking with MyNetDiary When You Have Chronic Kidney Disease

A number of folks have asked MyNetDiary how to track when they have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Because so many people with diabetes also have CKD, I thought a post devoted to this subject would be helpful. This post is also helpful for folks with other chronic medical conditions which have altered nutrient requirements.

Feb 6, 2018 4 Tips for Searching & Finding Basic Food Items

MyNetDiary has many basic or generic food items but they might be a little tricky to find until our naming convention is updated this year. In the meantime, read this post for tips on how to find basic foods such as fruit, veggies, meats, fish/seafood, poultry, and raw vs. cooked grains and pasta.

Jan 24, 2017 Why is my potassium and other minerals so low?

It’s a hidden problem with all nutrient trackers: missing values. And when the value for a nutrient is missing for a food you eat, your calculated intake for that nutrient is lower than it should be. Why is this happening?

Jun 14, 2016 «I lost 4 pounds in three weeks just by writing down what I ate and drank!»

If you want to lose weight or have hit a weight loss plateau or are concerned about food allergies or are an emotional eater, try tracking your food and beverage intake to gain insights into your eating patterns.

Feb 4, 2016 Tracking Food & Exercise is Not Just About Calories

Tracking food and exercise is much more than just counting calories. It's about discovering relationships between what you put in your mouth, your activity, and your health. Read this post for ideas on what tracking can do for you.

Sep 4, 2015 Tips for Losing Weight

The following practices will help you lose weight - whether you are just starting out, trying to break out of a weight stall, or simply want more tips or ideas.

Jul 7, 2015 Tips for Accurate Recipes

Entering your own recipes will improve the accuracy of your caloric and nutrient totals. It will also allow you to create a comprehensive customized recipe database that includes instructions, photos, and recipe printing. Read this post even if you think you know how to enter recipes!

Jun 2, 2015 More Tips for Food Logging

How accurate is your food log? This post will focus on some common issues that affect food tracking accuracy.

Jun 17, 2014 Tracking to Lose Weight? Be Accurate!

There are a few common mistakes that people make when they first start to track their intake. When these errors result in underestimating calories intake, it is particularly difficult to lose weight. Read this post and learn what you can do to avoid making the same mistakes.

May 2, 2014 It’s Back to the Basics for Weight Loss

Go back to basic training to make your diet work. You won’t regret it.

Jan 28, 2014 MyNetDiary VS. MyFitnessPal

The New York Times thinks MyNetDiary is “friendlier” than MyFitnessPal. Find out why.

Aug 1, 2013 Tips & Tricks for Entering & Correcting Foods in MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary has an extremely rich and powerful food database - know the tips and tricks for entering and using food items so that your tracking is super-fast, easy, and accurate.

Jan 15, 2013 New to Calories Tracking?

This is the time of year when many folks decide to make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight. If you have decided to track intake and activity, then good for you – it is an effective tool for weight control. This post will help you track more effectively and accurately, especially if you are using MyNetDiary mobile apps or web program.

Nov 8, 2012 A Food Journaling Best Practice for Getting Started

On Tuesday, Kathy Isacks wrote a terrific article on strategies for getting started on a weight loss journey. From goal selection to understanding balance in eating, it's important to have a plan in place before you launch into a new weight loss lifestyle.

Jul 19, 2012 Weight Control & Calories – Is Your Target Accurate?

Weight Control & Calories – Is Your Target Accurate? How on earth do calories tracking apps come up with our caloric goals for weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain? Equations! All apps use equations that are estimations or approximations of our energy expenditure.

Apr 24, 2012 Tips for Entering Your Recipes Into MyNetDiary Like a Pro!

Tips for Entering Your Recipes Into MyNetDiary Like a Pro! Get the most out of using MyNetDiary's recipe feature! These tips and tricks are helpful for new and experienced users alike. Recipe Basics Once you enter and save a recipe in MyNetDiary, it acts like a food item.

Mar 27, 2012 Tips & Tricks for Using MyNetDiary's Huge Food Database

Tips & Tricks for Using MyNetDiary's Huge Food Database I often get asked questions about MyNetDiary's food database so I thought that I would summarize a few important tips in a blog post. Food Item Sources MyNetDiary has over 440,000 food items – these include items entered and quality-assured...

Jan 24, 2012 Important Tips for Calories Tracking Using MyNetDiary

Important Tips for Calories Tracking Using MyNetDiary If you are new to MyNetDiary or to calories tracking in general, then please read these tips for ensuring a safe and effective tracking experience. MyNetDiary Articles MyNetDiary has a library of articles on nutrition, weight, and exercise on the...

Aug 19, 2010 Wonder Why MyNetDiary is So Easy? It’s About Memorizing, Not Shortcutting

Wonder Why MyNetDiary is So Easy? It’s About Memorizing, Not Shortcutting Perhaps the number one comment MyNetDiary receives from its users is that the website and available apps are "Easy to use!" Have you ever wondered how or why we made them this way?

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